1.  The Nest Thermostat

This smart thermostat is the dream of any geek  : imagine being able to control the temperature of your home via your phone or tablet! Plus, Nest senses when there is no one at home and can turn down the heat to save energy.

2.  The Nest Protect smoke detector

A smoke detector that warns you in a vocal way before you emit the sound you hate to hear? That’s great. A detector that stops with a simple movement of the hand (and that avoids you to climb on a chair with a dish cloth)? It’s just great!

I just ordered three. For real! Farewell, damn smoke detector that leaves without reason in the middle of the night (it happened to me at least 3 times in recent years, sign that it is time that I change anyway).

3.  Philips Hue light bulbs

These are not just LED bulbs. These are bulbs connected by WiFi with which it is possible to change the color of the lighting, set a timer to reduce the lighting power when going to bed or, conversely, increase it. morning to wake you up smoothly.

4.  Belkin WeMo Power Outlet

These outlets can be programmed directly from a phone or tablet to activate or deactivate (and allow an electrical device to turn on or off) whenever you want. You can also use the “recipes” of the famous IFTTT site (a great site where you can automate a FOULE of stuff via the Internet!) So that a lamp comes on at sunset and more.

5.  The Kevo lock

Unlock your front door with a simple touch of the finger with this smart lock (Bluetooth) that detects the proximity of your smartphone or accessory ”  Fob ” (included in the purchase).

The lock obviously detects whether your phone or other device is inside or outside to prevent anyone from opening the door.

In addition, it is possible to send a single-use dongle to a visitor to unlock the door on arrival, if you are not there.

6.  The Roomba vacuum cleaner

Who has not heard of the Roomba vacuum? This vacuum cleaner who walks in every corner of your home during your absence to allow you to find a clean home upon your return …

7. Samsung Smart Home

Just announced at CES 2014, Samsung’s Smart Home system will remotely control most of your devices from your phone, tablet, smart TV or even a Galaxy Gear watch. And Smart Home will not only work with Samsung devices, since third-party manufacturers should also adopt the Samsung platform.

In short, if you have an eye on home automation since as long as me, you know how 2014 will be the year when one of your dreams may come true: control lighting, heating or other devices at a distance