Present Viral Video Games

The video game  was time to make a small point on the best games available since all this time. Of course, this is a somewhat arbitrary ranking but you will find games that are among the best-selling, having the best ratings where have been the best received by critics over the years.

Super Metroid:

Created by Yoshio Sakamoto, Super Metroid is the second installment of the world-famous saga. Action-adventure game, you will play Samus Aran, and face the pirates of space. After a first episode released in 1987, the continuation of the adventures of our heroine will simply raise the bar and really launch the franchise.

Goldeneye 007:

Inspired by the adventures of James Bond and resuming the narrative of the film from which he came, this third-person shooter developed by Rareware has been so critically acclaimed and sold that it is one of the most popular video games. sold all the time.

Super Mario World:

Platform game (which has made the fame of the franchise), Super Mario World will send you to Dinosaur Land for once again, fight Bowser.

Reissued no less than 4 times, it is one of the biggest successes of all the Mario franchise.

Portal 2:

While Portal first name had laid a solid foundation, the continuation of the platform game and reflection in a subjective view will simply allow the franchise to evolve even more. Seducing the players as much by its universe as by its gameplay, it is one of the biggest successes of Valve.

Fallout: New Vegas:

Fourth installment of the FallOut franchise, this episode is undoubtedly the most successful, and the most appreciated by the general public. Taking elements of the FallOut 2 scenario, this video game typed role-playing will immerse you in a post-apocalyptic universe (in 2281), absorbing as much as possible.

BioShock :

True UFO video-game, this shooting game in third person will immerse you in the city of Rapture. Offering a world that can not be more immersive and very original focused on steampunk, Bioshock first name is the first installment of a saga to success in becoming.

Red Dead Redemption:

Action-adventure game taking place in a universe completely western, Read Dead Redemption is a new nugget of the RockStar Games studios, which proves to us that there is not only GTA in life. Critically acclaimed, this is one of the best games in PlayStation 3.