Classic and Free Game

Do you like killing zombies? What am I saying, slaughter hordes of bloodthirsty zombies ? Drop Dead is the game for you. This is a very classic zombie shooter, as we find hundreds on different platforms of virtual reality. However, this title is distinguished by a particularly well-crafted gameplay based on the motion-sensing controller of the Oculus Go. Moreover, the cooperative multiplayer mode is a real plus.

Fans of racing games, VR Karts is the game you need on Oculus Go. The title takes the recipe of the Nintendo Mario Kart saga , adapting it to the constraints of the autonomous VR helmet. The graphics are nice, and the controls well thought out. The multiplayer mode is also very successful.

On Oculus Go, there are countless shooting, puzzle, or adventure games. On the other hand, there are very few role plays. Developed by the creator of Face Your Fears and Left4Dead, The Well fills this void. It is a turn-based RPG, with a particularly neat artistic direction and a very nice character progression system.

Republic VR is created by a team of developers who worked on games such as Metal Gear Solid, Halo, or FEAR. You guessed it, the game is excellent. This is a stealth game with elements of RPG , which is also distinguished by its captivating storyline. The title is divided into five episodes and offers a long-term experience.

Dead Secret is a horror game taking place in the 1960s in Chicago . The player embodies an investigative journalist in pursuit of a serial killer. You will have to hunt down the killer and try to stay alive. The developer Robot Invader is already known for Dead Secret, one of the biggest hits of the Samsung Gear VR. This new title is just as successful.

Anshar Online is the third installment of a saga of ship fighting games started by developer Ozwe on the Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift. The title takes all the strengths of Anshar Wars 2, but adds more content and features. All missions can be played in cooperative multiplayer mode, and a competitive multiplayer mode also allows you to compete against other players. What fun with his friends, especially as it is possible to play with players Rift and Gear VR!  

They Suspect Nothing is a puzzle game that takes place in a sci-fi universe full of humor and humor . The title developed by Coatsink, who also says the excellent “Esper”, “A Night Sky”, and “Augmented Empire” . The studio is no longer in its first try, and it feels immediately.