7 Ways To Kill Bacteria In Mouth & Fight Bad Breath

1) Use mouthwashes and natural refreshers:

-Minhe leaves help fight bad breath and refresh the mouth when chewed.

-The clove , the cardamom and fennel seeds are all great spices to fight bad breath.

Take a glass with one spoon pinch to tea baking soda to make an effective and natural mouthwash. Or dip your toothbrush into the mixture to clean your teeth with the solution if you miss toothpaste.

-A tea made with fenugreek leaves is an excellent antibacterial deodorant . Start your mornings by drinking a cup a day!

2) Drink 2L of water a day:

Stay hydrated is one of the best secrets you can give to have a good breath. (It is also very beneficial for your health). Saliva prevents the growth of bacteria and water is needed for the salivary glands to function well. So drinking water is paramount when one wants to avoid bad breath, which is caused by lack of moisture in the mouth. Also avoid drinking drinks or sweet juice at night , because sugary beverages cause bacteria to accumulate overnight.

3) Watch what you eat:

Some foods cause bad breath and we know them well. So, avoid them as much as possible before a gallant appointment if you do not have fresh mints on you.

But never completely remove onions from your diet because of bad breath!

Research has shown that eating onions in moderation will help kill 4 different strains of bacteria that can cause tooth decay and gum disease .

So if the onions are not good for your breath, they are still good for your teeth and your gums.

Also avoid foods high in fructose or acid because they promote bacterial growth leading to bad breath.

If you are hungry, eat an apple or yogurt. Apples contain heteropolysaccharide pectin known to stimulate saliva production and active yogurt cultures will help reduce bacteria in your mouth.

4) Scratch your tongue:

Your tongue is a real cozy nest for growing bacteria . Scrape it with your toothbrush or a special scraping tool called a tongue scraper , before each brushing.

5) Brushing and flossing:

Brush your teeth for 2 minutes at least 2 times a day , 3 if you can  and floss every day.

Studies show that only 55% of women brush their teeth twice a day and only 49% of men do so.

Brushing and flossing help eliminate food stuck between teeth. Which causes bacteria, which leads to bad breath.

6) Keep your gums healthy:

The bacteria are found at the base of the teeth more precisely, in the small pockets of the gums. Creating bad breath and gum diseases that are also known to cause bad breath.

To keep your gums healthy, use toothpaste with fluoride and  quit. Because smoking weakens your immune system and it is greatly related to the onset of gum disease and makes healing more difficult and slow once the gums are damaged.

7) Chew the peel of a fruit:

Rinse the skin of an orange or lemon and chew it without swallowing it to freshen your breath. The citric acid from the peel of the fruit will encourage the salivary glands to produce more saliva, which is the natural defense of the mouth against bad breath and the acids responsible for tooth decay.